Front Porch Restoration


front proch



When the resort first opened in 1888, the front porch consisted of a large veranda which ran across the entire front elevation of the hotel, from the Ballroom to the Crown Room. This entryway was an inviting place to welcome guests and even contained a separate entrance for single women, a common feature in the conservative Victorian era.

front porch restoration



With meticulous attention to detail, non-historic additions to the front porch will be removed and the original wide veranda will be partially re-created. Elements of the original brick chimney will be restored, the existing stained glass window will be returned to its original location, and a second stained glass window will be installed. The second-floor balcony will be restored along with double-hung windows with Victorian red sashes.

Front Porch Restoration

Future Use

Upon completion, the front porch will once again welcome guests with grandeur and warmth, along with a chance to sit in a rocking chair and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade. The beautifully restored front porch will be the first thing guests and visitors see as they arrive.