Ice House Museum

1920s facilities buildings



This masonry structure to the south of power plant once served as the ice-making center for the entire island. Both guests and residents were struck by the ice’s excellent taste as The Del used the De Coppet System, cutting-edge technology at the time, to manufacture this delicious ice.

legacy court



The Ice House will be completely restored and renovated to make room for a long-awaited Hotel del Coronado Museum. The museum will also include a Legacy Court with reclaimed bricks from original 1910 Industrial Buildings.

As part of the Legacy Brick Program, friends of The Del can commemorate a family, special occasion or the memory of a loved one with a customized brick.

marilyn monroe

Future Use

This restored and renovated structure will become the Ice House Museum, serving as the hotel’s history gallery with permanent exhibits and rotating displays revealing The Del’s fascinating past. It will also be the meeting place for the resort’s Legendary Tours.

Out front, the expansive Legacy Court will host events, acting as a unique space for intimate cocktail parties and receptions.