What is the Master Plan?

The Master Plan is the roadmap for future development at the Hotel del Coronado, which will ensure that the resort remains a destination of choice for many years to come. The Master Plan was approved by the City of Coronado in 2008 and by the California Coastal Commission in 2010. Key elements of the Master plan include a new main entry, restoration of the front porch of the Victorian Building, a new Conference Center, and a new “resort within a resort” experience featuring residential-style villas and its own check-in, ocean view pool with private cabanas, ocean-air bar and casual lounge.

Which areas of the resort are being renovated?

By the completion of the Master Plan, all areas of the resort will be enhanced. This includes all guestrooms, all dining outlets, pool, spa, fitness center, shops, common areas, and public improvements. This also includes the addition of a new event center, great lawn and new resort-within-a-resort experience featuring residential-style villas and its own check-in, ocean view pool with private cabanas, ocean-air bar and casual lounge. Finally, a new main entry will restore the historic sense of arrival with a grand view of the iconic turret. The new entrance will also include a signalized intersection to improve traffic operations as well as a pedestrian crosswalk between the hotel and the bay.

What measures are being taken to preserve The Del’s history?

The Master Plan includes several important historic preservation elements including preservation and restoration of the Power Plant, Laundry, Ice House, and Oxford Building. The Ice House will be renovated for use as a History Gallery to share The Del’s unique and fascinating history with guests and visitors. The front façade of the historic hotel will be meticulously transformed to partially re-create the wide veranda that existed when the hotel opened in 1888, with two sets of entry stairs.

When will the renovation be complete?

By the end of 2021, the majority of the improvements will be complete. Addition enhancements and renovated spaces will continue to be unveiled through early 2022. The Del has already completed the following areas in 2019: the new sea-to-table restaurant Serẽa, updated Vista Terrace event space, renovation and restoration of the Laundry building, and several updated shops. In 2020, The Del launched new guest rooms in The Cabanas, the new Cabana Pool, Babcock & Story Bar, and ENO Market. Still to come in 2020 are the Sun Deck, ENO Pizzeria, Spa & Salon, and more retail shops.

Will more parking be added?

Yes. The Master Plan will replace the majority of the existing surface parking with two new below-grade parking structures, one on the north side of the property and one below the new Conference Center. At the completion of the project, The Del will have 1,179 parking spaces (239 parking spaces more than the parking that existed prior to construction).

What benefits will this bring to the Coronado community?

The Master Plan brings with it many benefits to the Coronado community, including:

  • An enhanced pedestrian experience along Orange Avenue with new widened landscaped sidewalks from Grande Hall to Avenida del Sol
  • Closing the existing median opening at the entry and providing a landscaped median
  • Improved traffic operations and safety with a new signalized intersection at Avenida del Sol, allowing for controlled left turns exiting the hotel on to Orange Avenue
  • Intersection includes a new pedestrian crosswalk, providing a safe connection to recreational opportunities on both sides of Orange Avenue/SR 75
  • Drainage improvements at the Avenida del Sol cul-de-sac (re-grading the street)
  • Enhanced beach access and views to the beach, with new landscaped sidewalk and angled parking along Avenue del Sol, and pedestrian connection from the Paseo beachfront walkway